Victor Mouse Traps

I have used traditional, spring loaded, you better have to watch your fingers while baiting mouse guards for many years now and thought I would never purchase any other kind. However, just yesterday I picked up a pair of Victor Quick Set Mouse Traps in my regional WinCo supermarket shop, in the pest control aisle. You notice, I was getting tired of this task, it takes time to set the “old-school” type of mouse guards, as they slip very easily, making every baiting and setup project a risk to the fingers. Thus, I gave the Victor Quick Set Mousetraps a trial run.

For $5, I bought a package that came with two of the Victor Quick Set cubes. Each snare is roughly resemble a over sized bolt or clothespin. To set up them, you simply press on the back, ergonomic end, until the trap “clicks” into place. Then, with your hand squeezing this end (to stop it from inadvertently going off), then bait is moving onto the inner roof of the trap. The mousetrap is then carefully and gently placed near a wall where mice are thought to left and normal. Afterward, if your mice does trigger it and then get caught (killed), then you need not manually pull back an awful, bloodied crossbar/killing-arm of this trap-instead, you simply squeeze the back part of the snare again, releasing the body of this mouse! This avoids any unnecessary handling of the mouse body or of the potentially dirty killing region. here is a good example, check here.

I specify a trap up according to the enclosed directions, baited it with my favorite mouse bait, peanut butter, and left it alone. The next morning, I had snared a mouse within it. The kill wasn’t quite as perfect as a few of my older, spring-traps, but this was probably because of the angle by which the mouse approached the trap, and maybe not out of the trap design. Disposal was just as easy as advertised in the box, also rebaiting was a cinch. I will be very happy with these brand new Quick Set lands by Victor! My single complaint is that the cubes are just a little too sensitive to a less-then-gentle positioning on to the ground, if you place the snare then place it in the mouse area without much care, it may set off on its own. This is maybe not too much of a hassle, as your fingers aren’t at risk and also the snare is easily re set.

If you have a rodent problem in your garage, and you are tired of setting the old, easy-to-accidentally-set-off mouse cubes, consider buying one of the Victor Quick Set Mouse Traps. They ‘ re only a couple dollars more than traditional mouse guards and I will likely be just buying these for a long time in the future!